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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 MALAR IA SYMPTOMS OF DISEASE Shaking chills, high fever, sweating, headache, nausea, diarrhea, muscle pain, fatigue, body aches HOW TO SEEK TREATMENT HOW CAN YOU MINIMISE THE RISK OF CONTRAC TINGMAL ARIA Malaria is a blood disease caused by a parasite transferred from a person to person by a specific kind of mosquito. MALA RIA What is Malaria? Access to outside like doors and windows should be screened with netting, use a bed net infused with insecticides, use mosquito spray during evening and night time hours when Mosquitoes are present, wear protective clothing, take antimalarial medication when travelling if needed Stopping the spread of People who live in countries with malaria transmission, Travelling to countries infected with Malaria, People who are heavily exposed to the bites of mosquitoes which are infected, Failing to take the appropriate steps in protecting yourself from getting bitten by a mosquito POSSIBLE RISK OF GETTING DISEASE MEASURES THAT CAN BE TAKEN TO PREVENT THE SPREAD OF MALARIA Eradicate all mosquitoes, Prohibit people traveling to and from countries infected with malaria, Removing all mosquito breeding grounds, Educating people to recognise the disease in early stages before the virus spreads Seek advice from a doctor and prompt medical attenti on,Visi tyour local doctor, Contact your doctor to make an appoint ment WHAT THE TREATM ENTMAY INVOLVE Specific antimalarial treatment is available, Depending on the drug it needs to be taken weekly or daily, Before a treatment is recommended a patient must undergo either a rapid or microscopy diagnostic test,A severe malaria infection should definitely be treated with an injectable artesunate before oral medication,1 or more types of drugs can be given at the same time to be combined as a treatment
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