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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Malala vs. MLK and Malala are both inspirational speakers equal rights activists that stand for the nations and people of our world. MLK Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. was a very inspirational man. He fought in the southern American states for equal treatment forAfrican American citizens of the country. MLK was different in the sense that his protests were peaceful.MLK was a preacher, and his devotion to his religion appears in many of his speeches, including his "I have a Dream"speech. Malala Yousafzai is one of the currentvoices for the children and more specifically little girls of third worldcountries. She has fought, in a peacefulway for education for all children. Like King, she has fought in a peaceful way.She has shown how determined she is inher Nobel Prize speech. Famous Speech: I have a Dream Famous Speech: Nobel Acceptance Kings most famous speech was his IHave a Dream speech. This speech was spoken by King on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, on August 281963. His speech was supposed toa five minute speech, to end the march on Washington, until MahaliaJackson told King to "Tell them about your dream." The rest of his speech was mostly improvised.His words were one of the most famous speeches in American history. One of Malala's Famous speeches was her Nobel acceptance speech. In thisspeech, she describes the struggle ofchildren in third world countries. Shetells us that children, particularly girls,don't get the chance to have a qualityeducation. She also tells us of storiesof her and her friends doing math problems on the floor, because theylove to learn. She uses her words andstories to connect with the audiencelike King did. Similarities of speeches: Both use Repetition Strong clear voice Both were given unfair treatment,They have been in the position they arefighting for. Peaceful Protesting Fighting for equal rights and equal treatment Differrence in speech Differrence in speech 15 minute speech More focoused on one topic Uses figurative languageand symbalism Influnced by the crowd Uses humor More literal than figuritive Fought for world education Crowd had no effect onthe speaker 26 minute speech Fought for America andAmerican rights Message is effictive because Message is effictive because King's speech was effective because hespoke from his heart, not just words on a page. He also used symbolism, and didnot protest violently.Quotes that suggest this is the whole "I have a Dream" part of his speechwhich was improvised. Another par thatsuggests my claim is "we refuse to believethe bank of justice is bankrupt." The reason Malala's speech was effectivewas because she drew people in with humor.She also related personally to the topic, giving the speech a certain energy thatyou could not give it if you hadn't experiencedthe problem yourself. A quote that describesthis is "Some people call me the girl shot bythe taliban." Final Statement Final Statement MLK had a dream for America,and that dream ha transformed our counry into a "Beautiful Oaisas" Malala's ideas on education have moveda lot of people to support this cause.World wide education is something wesourly need."Though I appear as one girl, though Iappear as one girl, on person, who is 5 foot2 inches tall, if you include my highheels. (IIt means I am 5 foot only) Iam not a lone voice, I am not a lone voice, I am many."
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