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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Top 5 ways florida gets cash FLORIDA Timeline Florida in the Civil War People who have Helped Florida's Development 1. Tourism $67 billion in 20102. Phosphate Mining $1.92 billion3. Orange Juice $1.5 billion4. Crops5. Thorough Bread Horses -Henry Flagler - RailRoad-Henry B. Plant - RailRoad-Edison - Found a rubber tree in Florida Orlando NPR Florida was used for 2 major battles as well as several skermises. Florida also supplied the other confederate states after defeat. 3 ways our state constitution protects the rights of FL. 1: stopped slavery2: let people have freedom3: black people can do things that white people can 1513: Pounce De Leonlanded in St.Augistineand claimed it for spain 1855: The Third Seminole war 1845: Florida became the 27th state in the USA. 3 ways our state constitution protects FL citizens Tallahasse Jacksonville Key West Tampa 1: The Calusa's Culture was based on fishing2: The Timicua had the most land out of all florida tribes3: The Appalachee was wealthy and firece. 3 of Florida's Native Tribes Florida's role in the space program Is to build rockets andlaunch them. They don't do this as often as the 1970's to 1990's. Florida's role in the Space Program Red: Tourism Chart Gray: Crops Green: Phosphate Mining Orange: Orange Juice 2 explorers who came to Florida 1: Juan Ponce de leon's goal was to seek new land outside the colony2: Hernando de soto's goal was to concur the new land 1: It stopped SLAVERY2: African Amaricans can do what they want3:Religious Freedom Executive Legislative Judical -Enforces law-The Govenor signs bills Makes all decitions & laws [Supreme Court] Decides whether a law was brokenor not Difference between local and state Goverment Local Goverment takes care of the city/county.The state takes care of the whole state. 1:Tourism per year: About 67 billion2:Orange Juice per year: About 1.5 Billion 3 things that pioneers did 1: pioneers lived in cracker houses2:pioneers where stricted to stay alive,even the kids3:pioneer kids did chores 2 ways how florida uses resources industry to make money and how much money in a year Florida Land Boom 1: Henry Flagler and Henry B. Plant both built Railroads2: People bought land and sold it at a higher price. 1861:Civil War began and florida joined the confederecy 1969: Apollo 11 landed on the moon How Civic Duties are Important In Florida With no civic duties, people would not be able to pay for bills and needs. Causes of the Seminole War One of the causes ofthe Seminole War was that government kept moving the Seminoles in different places in Florida. Makayla Kristina Mashni Frankie Tyler Sanchez
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