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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 To be a swim coach you have to be able to tell different behavior. to supervising and organizing other people. You will be at the pool all the time and be travailing to different cities, provenances and countries.There is different level coaches, level 1 coach: is a lessons coach. A level 2 coach: is central regional s and provincial coach. A level 3 coach: a national, worlds and Olympic coaching. Level 1 coach: $20.00 an hourLevel 2 coach: $40,000 $50,000 a yearLevel 3 coach: $50,000$100,00 a year Level 1 coach: $20.00 an hourLevel 2 coach: $40,000- $50,000 a yearLevel 3 coach: $50,000-$100,00 a year -organizing and supervising other people.-training and teaching-being involved with sportsand recreational activites-persuading and motovating other people-being pphysically active on your feet. no education except beong physially active and knowing how to be organized. -working with a fellow coach-working with children-teenagers-adults-working at a club of some sort. -you dont have to be good at the sport, all that matters is if you understand and know how to teach drills and technical things to the athlete. you have to have apassion for the sport that your teaching, and to be good with communicating with the athlete. -working indoors and outdoors-traveling frequently-usually working 40 hours a week-the hours irregularand often include earnings and weekends.-include professional and amateur teams, individual athletes and sport teams C M.MORNING EARNINGS: EARNINGS: irregular hourstravilling to different cities/provences WORK CONDITIONS: WORK CONDITIONS: EDUCATION: EDUCATION: PERSONALITY: PERSONALITY: VOLUNTEER FOCUS: VOLUNTEER FOCUS: WORK LOCATION: WORK LOCATION: JOB AVALABILITY: JOB AVALABILITY: JOB DESCRIPTION: JOB DESCRIPTION: C
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