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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Gravity!! Life without gravity would be very tough.In manydifferent ways. For one, spending a long time in space cancause you to loose weight very quickly and that isn't good foryour body.No gravity also makes your skin bad.Like your face will becomesuper stretchy and you will look old when you are actually young!Also, your blood flows down with gravity and without ityour blood will float all over you.Which isn't good! Life without Gravity Gravity is the force that keeps things firmly on the ground.If you didn't have gravity,you would be floating right now.Gravity alsowork with everything in the universe.So for the Earth,gravity keeps it spinning same for the moon. What is Gravity? In space there is gravity.It's something called Micro Gravity which means there is very little gravityThats what astronauts call it.Because of this they float in mid-air all the time.Also, in space they are much lighter so its easier to float.So when training for the job, they are kept in a space shuttlefor a week to get used to the things they might face. Gravity in Space Have you ever been on a roller coaster? Haveyou ever thought about how when you make a loop you don't fall?Doesn't gravity push everythingdown?Well,its because of many forces.But the main oneis called Centripetal force that keeps the car of the roller-coaster on the floor.So next time you are on a roller coaster, be sure to thinkabout these stuff. Roller-Coasters and Gravity NOW THE MYSTEREY OF GRAVITY HAS BEEN DISCOVERED!!! Why do we always go down when we jump? You can try many experiments do do with Gravity.So remember to think about these stuff!
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