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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lumen Gentium Reading Project Section 1 Section 2 The Church wants to reveal itself to its people. It will do this by by adhering to the teachings of old church councils.Modern society makes this process of self-revelation even more urgent for the church. God created the world with plan to create people to share in His divine life.God knew and created his chosen holy people before time. The Church will achieve completion at the end of time. Section 3 Section 4 Christ, the son of God, revealed Gods kingdom on Earth and brought about our redemption through his life, death, and resurrection. The church is constantly growing by the power of God, which is represented by the blood and water that flow of Christ while on the cross.All believers unity in Christ is shown in the Eucharist. The Holy Spirit was sent on Pentecost to bless the church and help gain access to the Father. The Holy Spirit dwells within us, intercedes for us, bears witness to our adopted status, guides us, and unifies us. The Holy Spirit gives his gifts and fruits to the Church, renewing it and leading it towards Christ. Section 5 The Kingdom of God was made open to men in the words, actions, and presence of Christ. Section 6 The Church is a flock of sheep with one shepherd (Christ) who gave his life for and nourishes His Sheep. The Church is the building founded upon the cornerstone that the builders rejected (Christ) The church on earth is like a child in exile, waiting to return to its heavenly home Section 7 All those who are faithful make up the body of Christ. The Head of the Body is Christ, which is because in Him all things exist, are held together, and are nourished. On earth, through our sufferings, we share in the Passion of Christ so that we can also be glorified with Him. Section 8 With the Holy Spirit and the example of Jesus Christ, the Church receives the mission to proclaim the word of God to all nations to plant the seeds of the Kingdom on Earth. As it grows, the Church strongly desires to achieve perfect union with Christ through the fulfillment of his Kingdom on Earth. Christ is the Great Mediator that sustains the church community on Earth. Human realities and spiritual realities, such as the mystical body of Christ and the Church community on earth, should be viewed as one complex reality. We are called to be take action help and love those affected by poverty, persecution, and all forms of suffering. Benjamin Cortez1/18/14
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