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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Children and Support Emancipation Education Medical Care Family Responsibiliy Laws Paternity double click to change this title text! Parents Law does force parents to support their children whether or not the parents are married or dating. Luis Cisneros Period 32/24/15 Care and Supervision Discipline Parental Responsibility For Childrens's Acts Earnings and Employment Child Abuse and Neglect Sexual Abuse Parents must provide the basic Necessities of life including food,clothing, shelter, education, and medcial care. Emancipation means that childrenare free from legal control andcustody of their parents. Parents can decide where theirchildren live, what school they attend,what religion they practice, etcHowever parental authority is not absolute. Some states have family responsibility laws that require adult children to care for theirelderly parents double click to change this header text! All Children have a right to a free public school education through twelfth grade. Children usually need their parents permission to obtain medical treatment. Child neglect occurs more frequently than child abuse and involves failure to feed, clothe, educate, etc the child. Studies show that 85 percent of all juveniles have been victims of child abuse. Parents who fail to exercise proper supervision and control of their children may be held legallyresponsible for their children's acts. Reported cases of child sexual abuse have increased dramatically in recent years. . Parents have legal right to take the earnings or their minor chldren. Parents may decide what is best for their children as long as they dont abuse or neglect their children.
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