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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Lottery ? ? The Lottery says many things very explicit about the time and place of which the story takes place. Some examples are how it says it was summer, the 27th of June and there was a plaza in between the bank and the post office. Also the men speak about tractors and are wearing jeans. All of these details which are explicit also convey implicit details. Such as how the jeans and the tractors indicate that the people of this story are living in a somewhat modern day era. Also their culture can show that they live in central USA. Tradition over rules all reason. Some traditions should be given up, as they are no longer needed or are pointless/baseless. Many times people forget why there are evenstill honoring a certain tradition. = As with many characters such as Mr. Summers he says that he wants this to end quickly so everyone can get back to work and go home, which implicitly shows how he is not a fan of the lottery and just wants it to be over. Old Man Warner wants the exact opposite and says that if people stop doing the lottery they will start living in caves again, this shows how some people are blind to traditions, no matter how bad they are. The author uses very cheerful words like sunny and playing to display an average American day in the down and make it seem like families are meeting up to have a party of a sort. This generates a calm and cheerful tone which gives the reader a false impression of a cheerful day out. So the tone is very nice at first but then later on the terrible truth becomes exposed and words like surrounded and characters screaming for their life give a murderous and evil tone. As with the tone the uses subtle hints within the plot to give the reader a quick change in mood. As at the beginning when ry is cheerful and has not yet revealed its dark secret the reader is content and happy, but as the story progresses and especially at the end when people surround the winner and stone them to death the mood of the reader turns into confusion and shock.
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