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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Without it being replaceable, humans need to take a stand to keep this rich soil in tact, especially with a third of it being gone due to human activity. TopsoilDepletion BY: ISHA HUSTON LOSS OF RESOURCES Wasted Water Another resource we cannot replace is groundwater. As humans we extract it fromunderground with no limit, contining to carelessly usefor non necessary purposes. As a result, it has made itmuch harder for us to farmand grow food and other goods. The US is known forits rich agriculture, which will gradually come to an endif this doesn't stop. Once this groundwater is used, there is no way of getting it back. Little effort is taken to preserve this vital water because of the abundance we are used to. Water Pollution Everyday, sewage enters our lakes and rivers.Once this polluted water enters, it is there foreverendangering all organisms including us. As forests continue to deplete, so do the inhabitants in them. Extinction of Species Americans continueto wipe out thousands of square miles of forests each year. It ispredicted that one fifth of species will become extinct. SOLUTION To help prevent these arising and existing problems in the world, stop wasting water, start educating the public, and SPREAD THE WORD! Pros Cons The world will be healthier, less species will be endangered, and more resources will be available for the future. To prevent, we will haveto put in a big effort, stop wasting things we don't need, and stop carelessly using in an abundance.
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