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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lord of the Flies Timeline A plane crashes on an island with school boys as the only survivors. Ralph and Piggy meet and they find when blowing a conch that they foundother boys scattered around the island. The boys appoint Ralph as chief. Ralph, Jack and Simon set off toexplore the island and while returning to the group of boys, they find a piglet. Jack wants to kill it but hesitates, then saying that the next time, he will not let it escape. Chapter 1 The boys meet on the beach and Ralph declares that the conch will be used to determine who hasthe right to speak. Then a little boys claims that he saw a 'beastie' or monster during the night.Ralph then puts in the idea to build a fire as a signal for rescue for any passing ships. They use Piggy's lenses to light the fire, but the fire getsout of control. The small boy that claims to have seen a monster, goes missing. However, everyonepretends that nothing has happened. Chapter 2 Jack is practising his hunting skills alone in the wild while Ralph and Simon are busy trying to build shelter. Jack and Ralph have a little argument about the main priorities. Simon reminds them of the fear of the beast. Ralph and Jack then go for a hunt, leaving Simon to deal with the situation on the island on his own. Chapter 3 Roger, throws stones near one of the younger children but stops, as he remembers the rules of an adult. Ralph and Piggy are annoyed at the fact that the other boys let the fire out when a ship passed by. During that time, Jack and his group of hunters have succeeded in killing a pig. Ralph and Piggy argue with the hunters and then watch jealously as the boyre-enact the hunt with a tribal dance. Chapter 4 Chapter 7 Chapter 5 Chapter 6 Chapter 8 Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 Chapter 12 Ralph thinks about what he needs to do to fulfill the role as chief. He calls a meeting and insists they keepthe fire going for the rescue. The little kids are still fearing the 'beast' Jack decides that he will go look for the beast. He argues with Piggy before ending the meeting. Most of the boys follow him, except for Ralph, Piggy and Simon who are left alone on the beach. At night, a dead aircrew member drops down on a parachute. None of the boys see this. Sam and Eric fall asleep when they were supposed to watch the fire. When they wake up, they claim that they have seen the beast and run back to the camp. The boys discover a part of the island which they haven't seen before when they go to hunt for the beast.They named it 'Castle Rock'. Ralph starts to doubt that they'll ever be rescued. That afternoon, the hunters track a boar. The boar escapes, but the hunterare thrilled at the chase. Jack dares Ralphto join the hunt, and he eventually agrees.When they start to climb the mountain,Jack says that he's seen the beast, whichRoger and Jack confirm. They then flee the mountain in terror. Jack calls an assembly and claims that he has seen the beast. He then says that Ralph is a coward and should be voted out as chief. When the boys refuse, Jack leaves in tears. Piggy suggests that they should build a fire while many of the boys leave to join Jack's group. Jack declares himself chief of the new tribe and they kill a sow, sticking its head on a stick as and offeringto the beast. Jack's group steal fire from Ralph's group and then invites them to have some meat. Simon slips away from the group and finds the pig's head, which speaks to him, scaring Simon into a faint. Simon awakes from his faint and climbs the mountain.He sees the dead parachutist which the boys have mistaken for the beast. Meanwhile, Ralph and Piggygo to Jack's tribe, hoping to regain control. The majority of the group decide to go to Jack's tribe and dance.Simon comes out of the forest, but the boys mistakehim for the beast and kill him in the moment of frenzy. Ralph, Piggy and a few little kids for to Jack's camp to get Piggy's glasses back. Jack and Ralph argue and soon becomes violent.Roger releases a rock that hits Piggy and kills him, breaking the conch. Ralph gets injured inthe chaos. Ralph is hiding in fear. He debates whether he should join Jack's tribe. He finds the pig's skull and destroys it, thinking that it's alive.He finds Sam and Eric who tell him that he is in danger. The twins are forced to reveal Ralph's hiding place. The hunters chase Ralph, settingfire on the way. Ralph falls at the feet of a naval officer that has come to investigate. The boys realized that they are rescued and cry for lost friends. Everyone but a few little kids have joined Jack's tribe. Jack is a brutal leader, punishing people for absolute no reason. Jack sends a group to attack Ralph's tribe and they beat Ralph and steal Piggy's glasses.
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