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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Looking For AlaskaBy: John Green Overview Conflict One of the main conflicts of the book is Miles' struggle between deciding what is the right and wrong things to do. Main Character Theme Rating Miles is attending Culver Creek academy for the first time as a junior and it is nothing like he expected it to be. He becomes friends with his roommate, Chip, along with some of his other friends and a girl named Alaska. Miles starts to fall in love with Alaska and the book takes you on all of the adventures that he goes on and along for the ride of all the michevious things he does. Then, one day, everything changes. Miles Halter is the main character and he is a quiet kid who has gone to public school all his life. He is obsessed with peoples last words. He reserved and has always been a good kid but he begins to come out of his shell when he meets his friends at Culver Creek. One of the themes is money and the division it creates between people. There are two different groups of students at Culver Creek, the Weekeday Warriors and the regular borders. The Weekday Warriors go home every weekend, are rich, and they think theyare better than everyone else. This causes a divide between the two groups. I would give this book a 4. I thought that it was a good book and it kept me interested, but it was a little different than I thought it would be and a little weird. By: Dani Lassig
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