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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Looking back at the year 2014... one last time DOG Writing Articles/blogs published at sources like, Women's tester e-magazine, Testing circus e-magazine, Stickyminds.comMy own blog- 52 So what ? Yes, So what if all the above was achieved ? Does it really matter ?The real question that we (me and my wife) measure ourselves on is-Did all of it make any impact (howsoever tiny) on the world, for better ? 15 Reading No. of books read on the myriad of topics from corporate philosophies like"How Google works" to finer books like "Mistakes i made at work" Running Completed 2 Full marathons(42.1 km) first time in my life. Apart from that completed 1 half marathon and 2- 10km runs. 5 Public speaking 3 Conducted 3 Public talks.- 1 as a speaker in Bangalore Workshop for Software testing- 1 Corporate talk at Pass Tech.- 1 Keynote speech at Step Auto conference 1 Handwriting Analysis Completed 1 analysis and lots in progress 5 Cartooning 5 cartoons created on corporate life. Some got published, some didn't but enjoyed the whole process of ideating and coming up something new, creative. 52010 Generated INR 52010 via above hobbiestowards our social organization- ASM and funded various worthy causes. Causes supported: Cancer foundation, Flood relief, Olympic Gold Quest, Old Age, Road repair ...and we are not done yet. God willing- we will continue to do more. Anuj Shweta Magazine (ASM)
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