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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Males and their Willy. Fibra estriada del corazon Fibra lisa Tipos de Musculo Known willy triggers:Yoga Pants, Boobs, Talking, ThinkingBreathing,Sleeping ( see Nocturnal emissions) Contrary to popular belief male sapiens are rather simple creatures. the male gender is highly promiscuous by nature. Some studies speculate that average male thinks about sex somewhere between every six to eight seconds. Another scientific mystery is their double brains! You heard correctly, males have two brains. Males can be easily manipulate/controlled by coitus. Please use this knowledge responsibly. Side note: Heterosexual males see all none familial females are potential sex partners are some point. Fibra estriada Pectoral Brain #1: The gray matter all sapiens come stocked with. Gemelos The Willy: Varies in size and highly sensitive to varies forms of stimuli. James Al Wahsh MD, PhD, PhamD Musculo Cigomatico Mayor Extensoresde laMano Sortorio Esternocleidomastoideo Deltoides Brain #2: Capable of completely overriding the pre-frontial cortex (believed to be essential in decision making). This brain is purely instinctual, which help early ancestors seek mates and spread their genes for the continuation of homo sapiens as a species. However this organ is ill- adapted for modern societial standards and often leads to trouble. Largos Cortos Orbiculares Planos Abanico Circulares The male eye has undergone hundreds of thousands of years of evolution. The brain, with the help of eyes, are great at recognizing patterns. IE: features of the female body.
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