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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Differences of Hunger in the Americas The Differences of Hunger in the Americas United States of America South America In North America Hunger is typically defined as people not getting proper nutrition and notbeing able to afford it which is called food insecurity(What is food Insecurity) In South America hunger istypicallydefined as people having little to no food and not having clean water to drink. STATISTICS 1 in 6 people struggle to get enough to eat(Feeding America) 49 Million Americanslived in food-insecureHouseholds(Feeding America) In Bolivia 75% of Bolivianhouseholds are lackingregular access to basicfoods(World Food Project) In Peru there are 10 million people (36.2% of the total population living under the poverty line.(Action against Hunger) Causes of Hunger POVERTY South America North America Education Many children don't reach their dreams of becoming what they want to be because they don't have the proper food to fule them(World Food Programe) Decisions How do you chose between expensive healthy food or cheap junk food when your family needs other things(Feeding America) Poverty is a trap. usually when a family is poor they cant properly feed their children to fule them so they dont do good in school and they live in poverty then the cycle repeats. In nearly all countries, food insecure kids live in households whose incomes keep them from nutrition assistance(Child hungerends here) Soultions North America South America Donations--They willHelp provided peoplewith good food andmaybe help them geton their feet.(All sites) Help educate the peopleso they know where to get food and teachpeople how to growtheir own food.(World Food Programe) Volunteer--many food drives and soup kitchens always needhelp to keep them going then help the people there.(All sites) Access--help people haveaccess to good and healthyfood and build strongcommunities to feed thepeople and help them.(All Sites) By:Logan Mossburg
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