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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Thumbs upAppatizers Thumbs up Desserts Thumbs upEntrees Thumbs up Food choices with less fat the many What to order at Local Resturants The healthieroptions with less than 15 g of fat per serving Mcdonalds:Grilled Chicken Sandwich Mcdonalds: Vanilla icecream cone Mcdonalds: fruit & yogurtparfait Culvers:side of green beans Culvers:Grilled ChickenSandwich Pizza Hut:Any medium size pizza (except the meat lovers) Pizza Hut:Any Wings or flavor sticks Pizza Hut:Cinnamon sticks Dairy Queen:Julius Originals& banana split Dairy Queen:Reqular Hamberger Taco bell:Cinnabon Delights Taco Bell:Mini Quesadilla Taco Bell:Chicken or Bean Burrito Arbys:classic roast beef sandwich Arby's:Side Salad Arby's;12 oz Vanilla orChocolate shake Tips:-Skip extra topings.-Choose chicken over beef.-Avoid fried things and opt for grilled.-The more veggies the better. -Stick to the smaller portion sizes NOT SUPER SIZES! This website gives great tips on what are mistakes are when we eat out (\articles)/healthy-eating/healthy-fast-food.htm Also the website ( can help provides more tips as well as ways to log your own eating.
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