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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Alternative to Traditional Staffing LOCAL PROJECT CONSULTING Only 39% of business decision makersbelieve their internal IT has the ability to deliver projects on-time and budget Only 6.4% of projects are successful, while 52% are "challenged", and the remaining 41.4% are failures 39% 41% 48% it is "very difficult" to find senior talent Recruiters will source, contact candidates, and sends you lots of resumes You evaluate resumes You interview, and select the best candidate You provide all tools, process,direction, supervision, and coaching Traditional Staffing Local - Experienced - Motivated - Professional - Project Management After project, PM moves on to next gig, in another city 44% report project staffing shortages for senior project managers, and 48% say Delay projects? Hire more Project Managers? Bring in temporary help? Terry Courtney - - 716.713.9751 Staffing vendor has little accountability or risk You are accountable and responsible for PM performance and project success Statement of Work Signature Defined deliverables Budget, Schedule, & Scope Tools, process, templates, etc. Guarantee satisfaction of services Hourly, weekly, monthly or fixed price No local travel expenses Service level agreements (SLAs) Program Management oversight Project Management Done Better We only hire career, professional, experiencedProject Managers - full-time, salaried employees Our Senior Project Managers recruit, screen, interview, and select new PMs Project Managers receive PM specific training, coaching, mentoring and career development Your project is important. We meet to understand project objectives, ROI, budget, schedule, and scope Our local PMs are flexible, responsive, and more likely to fit your company culture We all share the risk and reward of completing your project on-time and within budget
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