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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lesson 1: Positive Foundations For Years 9, 10 and 11 Theory Self-Assessment 15 mins Activity 1. Show photos of three famous personalities known for a specific attribute Ask the class to shout out what each individual is known for2. Explain that a 'strength' is something that we are good at and enjoy doing3. Research shows that we perform better and are happier when using strengths 1. In pairs/trios, ask each student to talk about something that they find draining for 2 minutes. 2. Then talk about something that they are good at and enjoy doing for 2 minutes.3. Brainstorm differences between the two situations. 1. Share a story about when you have used one of your own values.2. Explore students' results from the Jobmi Values Assessment and which values they most relate to. Discussion 1. Ask students to bring an item that represents something they are good at and enjoy2. In trios, ask each student to explain why they chose their item/how it represents them3. Peers should ask questions about other instances the student uses this strength/value 5 mins Take Home Message & Homework 5 mins 15 mins 5 mins 1. Line up all students around the room2. In ONE word, ask them to shout out one strength that they have learned about themselves3. Homework: Draw a spider diagram of subjects that they are good at and enjoy. Next to each one, list specific behaviours/strengths they are using in these subjects
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