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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Challenge Based Leaning Llantwit Major School Project Outline Collaborative Planning (Successful Futures (SF) pg.68) Impact and Professional Reflections Skills After agreeing to trial the Physical Literacy Framework (PLF) a decision to collaborate between PE and Science was taken. A series of professional meetings were held to explain and explore Challenge Based Learning and how this concept could be used to create an authentic learning experience (SF pg.67). A project question, "Can medical science create the perfect athlete?" Was designed. Collaborative planning with science, PE and external expertise was a strength of this project. Thanks to...Llantwit Major SchoolJohn Patterson - Head of department Cliff Searle - Science project lead teacherLlantwit Major School Science Department Launching this project European 400m hurdles was invited into school to explain how medical sciences help him prepare and train for major events In PE students collected personal data about their performance in a range of activities. This data was used to compare their performance with elite athletes and to understand the data being used in science from elite athletes. In science learners worked in small groups to investigate and answer the project question. Learners investigated use of substances, nutrition, training and the effects on the body. The groups worked towards and created presentations about how medical science can help athletes and whether they ethically should utilise the use of different elements of medical or sport science to benefit performance. Project launch * Authentic Learning * Physical Education * Science * Impact on learners * Staff reflections * Future steps - 65% of learners demonstrated improved perception of science (Codex questionnaire)- MAT learners extended their learning through individualised personal interest- Lower ability learners needed scaffolding and support from staff to enable them to meet the success criteria Staff reflected that the Challenge Based Learning added to the learning journey for MAT students. Staff reflected that the learner choice and independence was enhanced through the CBL approach. Using this pedagogy enabled learners to utilise digital technology and collaborating across subjects enriched the learning experience for all learners. ^ CBL approach applied to key stage 4 in PE in Llantwit^ Collaborative planning enhanced the curriculum offer for learners, time to facilitate collaborative planning should be considered by senior leaders^ CBL enhances the breadth and depth of the curriculum and motivated MAT learners, consideration of using CBL should be given to extend learning opportunities Professional Development The head of department for PE attended professional development with the Physical Literacy Programme for Schools which included; * Leaders of Learning * Physical Literacy Framework consultation day* Project scoping professional meeting
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