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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 One City Edinburgh: Making Work Pay - The Living Wage Some Edinburgh-based Accredited Employers ASH Scotland Bluebird Care Edinburgh (J + J Perry Ltd) Breadshare CIC Citizens Advice Scotland Community Help and Advice Initiative Dunedin Canmore Housing Heart of Midlothian PLCICAS 51In Safe Hands Security Ltd. Link Group Limited Martin Currie Investment Management Key Facts Potential Business Benefits of Paying the Living Wage The current UK Living Wage is £7.85 an hour (minimum wage for 21 years and over is £6.50) Source: Scottish Living Wage Campaign 2014 Source: KPMG: The Living Wage (2014) Find out more More than 400,000 people in Scotland are paid less than the Living Wage. 27% of females earn less than this benchmark, compared with 16% of males. Occupations with the highest number of sub-Living Wage earners (UK figures): - sales and retail assistants (760,000) - kitchen and catering assistants (370,000) - care workers and home carers (320,000). Part-time jobs are much more likely to pay below the Living Wage than full-time roles (43% vs 13%). Source: The Living Wage Foundation Nutrend Office Furniture Oak Tree Vet Centre One Parent Families Scotland Rabbie's Small Group Tours Saltire Roofing and Building Ltd Scottish Parliament Scottish Youth Parliament Specialist Waste Recycling Limited Standard Life plc The Royal Bank of Scotland The Social Enterprise Academy 52% of working age adults who are living in poverty in Scotland are in work.59% of children experiencing poverty in Scotland live in households with someone in employment.Three main factors affect in-work poverty: pay hours worked welfare payments.Full-time employees earning below the Living Wage have double the povertyrisk of all workers.19.5% of employees in Scotland were low paid* in 2011: 3% points higher than theOECD average of 16.5%. In-Work Poverty Source: The Scottish Government (2015) Fall in absenteeism Enhanced quality of work from staff Better staff retention; less recruitment Easier to recruit Good publicity for organisation Improvement in quality of work from staff * OECD definition of two-thirds of gross median hourly earnings for full-time employees.
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