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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 QUANTITY 238 VALUE $102,118 Sheep & goats: 61,896 4127 QUANTITY VALUE Tons 2,776 $ 913,512 Kg of barleyper animal 45 Total animals supported: 65,639 302 plastic animal shed were distributed to 302 herder 4,455 water tanks were delivered to 4.455 cattle breeders Other activities $1,554,570 were invested as post war response POST-GAZA CRISIS RESPONSE WAR post-Gaza Crisis response Building resilience... Transforming livelihoods Gazas agricultural animal population 2010 2013 2014 73,553 70,960 63,637 XXXX Sheep & goats Sheep & goats Sheep & goats Herdersdata not available -22% -13% Decrease in herders pursuing theirtraditional livelihood Decrease in Gazas agriculturalanimal population Fodder distribution Herders SUMMARY Cattle: 3,743 Food and Agriculture Organizationof the United Nations Herders XXXX Agricultural livelihoods are deteriorating,increasing aid dependency Tons 600 Kg of concentrate fodder per herder Holders: 396 Holders: 4,127 other development intervention -250 farmers were delivered vegetable seeds Seeds and seedlings distribution -54 farmers were delivered Strawberry seedlings wells rehbilitation Establishment/rehabilitation/reconstruction of packing houses and greenhouses -9 wells were rehabilitated to serve 400 farmers production inputs -490 high value crop farmers were delivered plastic sheetsand fertilizers -14 green houses were reconstructed for 14 farmers -3 packing houses were rehabilitated to serve 460 farmers -87 farmers were targeted by food processing tools in 2 women associations SUMMARY $ 861,452
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