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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Little Book of By John Paul Lederach Conflict transformation is a wayof looking as well as seeing Conflict presents itself in a web of dynamic circles ultimately creating momentum and direction. The epicenter of the conflict is in relation to the rise and falls ofconflict as episodes. To create a successful conflict transformationalplatform one must be adaptive, since conflict and change are consistent but solutions are dynamic. Lenses of Conflict Transformation Episode vs Epicenter Episode: Particular problem of a conflict Conflict Transformation Epicenter: Previoushistory, relational patterns from whichepisodes occur Episode lens view:Recent time frame,specific actions and behaviors Epicenter lens view: Repeated pattern of episodes, relational patterns, structural patterns, interdependence andpower Framework lens view: connection betweenpatterns and problems Transformational Platform Transformation addresses both the episode and the epicenter of the conflict. Lederach, J. P. (2003). The Little Book of Conflict Transformation. Intercourse, PA: Good Books. The belief of this book is that conflictcan be shortened by applying the lensesof conflict transformation.This book contributes to educationbecause it provides students andteachers a specific framework on how tomanage conflict in theclassroom.The power dynamics is shared betweenstudents' and teacher because theframework is structured for all people.Advantages for implementing theframework are better relationshipsbetween students' and teacher. Thisframework can also provide the teacherwith an easier method to maintain classroom management. The Lenses of Conflict Transformation: Conflict presents itself in various aspects of reality. In order to see the conflict, one must wear their conflict transformation glasses complete with multiple lenses to view the particular realities of a conflict. There is a lens to look at the immediate situation. There is a lensto view underlaying patterns an context. The last lens views the conceptual framework that holds these perspectives together. Image Url: Image Url: Image Url: Image Url: Image Url:
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