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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Little Man Little Man Always wanted to go to Strawberry with Big Ma. Little Man is also always confused as to why the white kids get to ride to school in a bus, and the black kids have to walk. He is not 2-faced because he speaks whatever is on hismind and does not knowwhats right and wrong. Dialogue Thoughts Little man is mad becasue he does not accept what black people are called by white people Emotion Little Man is nice and kind because he accepts Mr.Morrison into their home and is very nice to him. Little man has to be clean. He would not except thetorn and dirty textbook. Weakness Little Man He also does not understand discrimination.Because of this he getsstressed and confused. Strengths Little Man always likes to be clean. This helps him because he always looks nice.He also does not know much about discrimination, and thishelps him becasue he can always be happy while he doesnot get depressed with everythinggoing on around him. Little Man is 6years old. He is a small black child who is the youngest in hisfamily. Physical Features Little Man threw his textbook on the floor and jumped on it. Thereason he did this is because he did not accept the name he wascalled and the conditionthe book was in. Action And Motivation #1 Little Man and his siblings dig a hole in the road where the bus passes by. They do this becasue they were mad at all of the kids on the bus that laugh at them and spray the Logan's with mud. Action And Motivation #2 Little Man would not jump into the bankwith his siblings,because he did notwant to get dirty. Action And Motivation #3
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