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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Allusions, Personification & Similes Metaphor Symbolism Jack Foreshadowing of Literary Devices KaylinChavuin This quote foreshadows Simons death. The narrator starts to talk aboutSimon in a moribund state, and that is when you realize that Simon is going to die. I think that Jack symbolizes the evil and savageness within the story. Jack converts the whole tribe to a buch of savages then makes them murderers. His obsession withthe killing of the pig also contributes to hisimage. Piggy symbolizes the victim of human nature. Jack and his whole crew hunt pigs and the pigs become victims, through Piggy is not literally hunted by Jack, he later becomes a victims of their cruel nature Piggy This is a metaphor for the beast within the boys, this sentence describing the beast within them. Since the boys came out of the sea, and in the dark, just like boys it isa metaphor for the boys This quote is talking about Ralph's conversion to physical savagery and that the mental break down won't be far away. He is becoming accustomed to his situation and accepting the fact that his hair will be forever tangled, and his body forever bare of clothing. He tried to convey the compulsion to track down and kill that was swallowing him up.'I went on. I thought, by myself,' the madness came into his eyes again. 'I thought I might kill.' 'But you didn't.' Some hidden passion vibrated in Ralph's voice. 'byou haven't yet." (51). I think Golding is conveying a message saying that everybody starts off have a pure should until one eventually becomes barbaric and shows ones true face, and becomes cruel, mean, selfish, and kills to get what he wants. "He discovered with a little fall of the heart that these were the conditions he took as normal now and that he did not mind." Page 110 narrator A View To Death page~143 "The beast comes out of the sea." Page 124 "I know, Jolly good show. Like the Coral Island." page 202 "Wore the damp darkness of the forest like his old clothes." Page 134 This is a simile, and it is describing that the boys feel like they are starting to grow into the jungle and become savages. Since all the boys are basically bare, it is saying that they wore the damp darkness of the forest, like their clothes. "The clouds sitting on the land; they squeezed, produced moment by moment." page 137 This is an example of personification. This is an example of personification because, neither mountains nor cloud can squeeze and produce movement by moment. This profound sentence is describing Simons deep thoughts about his surroundings. This is an example of allusion, because of the reference to the book and the both of the book are very similar. One of the books just happened to be very pleasant and other goes terribly wrong. Lord Of The Flies Thesis Statement:Literary Devices help Golding express many things throughout his book.They help him describe the evil within human nature and barbarian nature that lyes within all of human kind. Roger "When Roger opened his eyes and saw him, a darker shadow crept beneath the swarthiness of his skin; but Jack noticed nothing. He was eager, impatient, beckoning, so that Roger went to him. page 62-narrator I think this symbolizes Roger as the evil or devil-like one. He is mean to the other kids, and has a dark shadow beneath his skin, which is symbolizing that he has a dark spirit. Work Cited:Lord Of The FliesObject from
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