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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Principle 1: Assessments should emerge from the classroom rather than be imposed upon it. Principle 2: Effective testing requires teacher professionalism with teachers as learners. Principle 3: Assessment practices should be client centered and reciprocal. Principle 4: Assessment should be done judiciously, with teachers as advocates for students and ensuring their due process. Principle 5: Assessment extends beyond improving our tests to the purpose of assessment and how results from assessment are used reported, contextualized, and perceived. Literacy assessment reform: Shifting beliefs, principled possibilities, and emerging practices Principle 6: Diversity should be embraced, not slighted. Principle 7: Assessment procedures may need to be non-standardized to be fair to the individual. Principle 8: Simple-minded summaries, scores, and comparisons should be displaced with approaches that acknowledge the complex and idiosyncratic nature of literacy development. Principle 9: Some things that can be assessed reliably across raters are not worth assessing; some things that are worth assessing may be difficult to assess reliably except by the same rater. Principle 10: Assessment should be more developmental and sustained than piecemeal and shortsighted. Principle 11: Most interpretations of results are not straightforward. Assessment should be viewed as ongoing and suggestive, rather than fixed or definitive. Principle 12: Learning possibilities should be negotiated with the students and stakeholders rather than imposed via standards and assessment that are preset, prescribed, or mandated. Principle 13: Assessment should be assessed in terms of its relationship with teaching and learning, including the opportunities learners are offered and the rights and respect they are accorded. REFERENCES:1. Tierney, R. J. (1998). Literacy assessment reform: Shifting beliefs, principled possibilities, and emerging practices. The Reading Teacher Vol. 51, No. 5.
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