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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 No coaching or using specific parts of test questions. The legaland ethicalimplicationsfor teachersadministeringthese tests. What ethicalchallenges doteachersface in preparingstudents forthese tests? A test with seriousconsequencesattached to performance Example:Exam for High SchoolGraduation. Studentsdo not receive a diploma if theyfail to achieve a certain score. Teachers need toalignthe curriculum withthe questions on thetest. You cannottest a student on something they were not taught. This does not meanto "teach the test".This meansto make sure your curricular plan covers the topics the testwill contain. Should teachers"teach to thetest"?Explain yourreasoning. High Stakes ASU. (2002). The Impact of High-Stakes Tests on Student Academic Performance. Retrieved February 20, 2015 from The Code of Ethics in Standardized Testing. Retrieved February18, 2015 from (2014). Testing and Assessment. Retrieved February 18, 2015 from Assessment/Assessment/Pages/default.aspx Example: Teachers are given bonusesfor student'sachievementon tests, schools canlose funding if testsscores are nothigh enough. These consequencesmay be in theform of rewards and penaltiesfor Students, Teachers, and Schools(ASU, 2002). Administrationmay be demoted, dismissed, or disciplined for low test scores. Schools may beforced to close, lose accreditation, or lose students if test scores failto meet expectations. Promotion: Students promotion to the next grademay depend oncertain testscores. "Teaching to the Test" gives students a narrowscope of the information they need to trulyunderstanda subject.It does not teach them to problem solve, tothink critically, or to use various approaches to truly absorb the information. Lisa Brown EDU/215 February 23, 2015 Do not copy the test or use old copies of the test (GaDOE, 2014). It is illegal to misrepresent or falsify answers or information regarding tests. It is unethical and illegalto share confidentialinformation,including test questions and answers. Teachers may be dismissed and charged with a crime for doing so. TESTING Teachers must familiarizethemselvesand their students with the test format and concepts without crossing the boundaries by giving too much information(GAE, 2015). Remember that no matter what consequences are attached to the test, the matter of mostimportance is studentlearning andunderstanding of thecurriculum. Do not accept gratuitiesor any gift that is intended to influence testresults. Teachers must upholdhonesty and integrityin all aspects of testprep and administration.Not only for the sake ofthe students, but forthemselves as well.
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