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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Liquid Fertilizer Spill Infographic HOW? Court Heard on May 7, 2007. WHY? Media A driver driving a company tractor trailer carrying liquid fertilizer and travelling on his route to a field for an application. News WHO! L&J Farms Ltd. and Corey Yake was fined $80,000 for liquid fertilizer spill (2007) An overturned transport truck spills Liquid Fertilizer onto the roadway and damages the river environment WHERE? Whitchurch-Stouffville. People? Who should be responsible for the cleanup and who should pay for the Liquid Fertilizer? The company, the driver or someone else and why? Internet Resource(bibliography) In this case the Polluter payed for the spill; and usually the owning company was mostly responsible for the cleanup. Replacement 69% 85% WHAT! I'm a Mr. Yake THE DRIVER What is the method of cleanup required when a large liquid fertilizer spills happens? IN CONCLUSION Both the party were ashamed for what happened related to a spill of liquid fertilizer to the Little Rouge River which had disturbed the ecosystem and the quality of water of that river. To clear the mess, we must use sawdust, and absorbent sheets to soak up the fertilizer from the road. Because the tractor trailer had more weight in its storage tank; which caused a liquid fertilizer to leak onto the road and into the river L&J Farm $75,000 COST 10% Mr.Yake and L&J Farms Ltd was guilty for what happened related to a spill of liquid fertilizer Result? Driver ( Mr.Yake) $ 5,000 As Mr. Corey Yake turned his tractor trailer from HIghway 48 onto westbound Stouffvile Road, instantly one part of the tank leaked onto the road, causing the liquid fertilizer to spill out from the trailer. Therefore it was a failure attempt. Long Term Effect Short Term Effects WHEN!
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