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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lion King Hamlet CHARACTERS CHARACTERS Mufasa-Father of PrinceSarabi-Mother of PrinceSymba-PrinceScar-UnclePumbaa-Friend of PrinceTimon-Friend of PrinceZazu-King-s AdvisorNala-Love interest Hamlet Sr.-Father of PrinceGertrude-Mother of PrinceHamlet-PrinceClaudius-UncleHoratio-Friend of PrincePolonius-King's AdvisorOphelia-Polonius' DaughterLove interest Plot Plot When Mufasa is killed by scar, Symba is convinced he is responsible and leavesbelieving he will be blamed for his father'sdeath. On his journey he meets Timon and Pumbaa, and quickly becomes friends withthem. However his past catches up to himwhen he sees his old friend Nala. He learns of what is happening to his home. After an argument between them he meets afriend of his father. After some soul searching he realizes what he has to doand returns home to confront his father's killer. After his father's mysterious and sudden death and his mother's sudden marriage to his uncle Claudius.Hamlet begins to realize that something is wrong. When he hears of his father's spirit lurking around he searches foranswers. Upon meeting his father's ghost he is soon put on the path of revenge. However his father is plotting against him. Some false friends and a confused love interest and confrontinga confused mother causes several issues along the path of revenge.After dealing with the false friendsand the death of his love interest Hamletis left with few options. A duel later the death of his mother reveals the truthof the duels and his mothers death. Opinion With the exception of a few minor differences I believe that The Lion Kingis Disney's verson of Hamlet
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