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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 ~Similarities: king is killed, brother takes over as king,prince sees the ghost of his father, prince comes backin the end, both mean brothers die and both Hamlet and Simba fight their uncle.~Differences: There are a lot more deaths in Hamlet andalso they see their dad's ghost at different times. Hamlet Vs. Lion King Characters Storyline Opinion I think that The Lion King is the Disney version of Hamlet. There are enough similarities for me to believe that it is the Disney version of Hamlet.There are too many similarities in the storyline, characters, settings, etc.for it not to be. That is what I think A common theme of the two movies isrevenge. They are both mainly about trying to get revenge on the uncle and alsoto get the prince to be king again. Another theme that is common in the two is spying.In both, they spy on Simba and Hamlet. Theme The settings are in different places, but they have a commonidea. They are both in a group of people or animals that is ruled by the king. The only difference is that Hamlet is in a castle and Lion King is in the wild centered at "the rock." Setting Simba=Prince Hamlet-They were both princes, but Simba was not as crazy as Hamlet.Mufasa=King Hamlet-Both die because of their brothers, but Mufasa doesn't want revenge like King Hamlet.Nala=Ophelia-Both in love with the prince, but Nala doesn't go insane like Ophelia.Scar=Claudius-Both evil and killers, but the hate for the prince comes at different times.Sarabi=Gertrude- They are both moms to the prince, but Sarabi doesn't marry Scar like Gertrude does to Claudius.
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