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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Ordeal Call to Adventure Refusal of the Call Mentor Crossing the Threshold Test, Allies, & Enemies Ordinary World When Simba disobeys his fatherby going to the elephant graveyard.He is interested in the adventurethat is out there Samba meets Nala and discovers the importance of his absence inthe Pride Lands.New Allies: Enemies: -Timon & - Scar & Pumba the Hyenas When Simba's dad died, Scar blames him for his death. Scar told Simba to run awayand to never return, for hecould be the future king. Simba's mentor is Mufasa in thebegining of the story when he gave him a lesson about going the theelephant graveyard. In the middle,Raffia turns into his mentor giving advise in returning back hometo the pride lands. Simba progresses and adapts to thenew life with Timon and Pumba singingthe song "Hakuna Matata." Whichmeans no worries , why be King whenyou can just relax and have fun. Simba and his friends go back to thePride Lands to take back his throne and confronts his uncle Scar. Simbaalso isn't scared to admit the truththat he was the one who killed hisfather. Samba doesn't want to go backbecause he is afraid to face thefear of letting everyone know that he killed his own father. Simba is the son of Mufasa, the king of the jungle is born and introduced to the Pride Lands. Mufasa expects Simba to behave like the prince he will be one day Stephanie Cabrera LION KING LION KING HERO JOURNEY HERO JOURNEY Reward Back Home Resurrection Approach to the Inmost Cave Return with the Elixir Simba's award is taking back the throne that he owned. Also the respect from the animals for telling the truth he killed Mufasawhen it was Scar. After the battle Simba takes backhis spot upon pride rock and reclaims his rightful place on the throne. Making Simba muchmore stronger in the Pride Lands. Simba is accepted in becoming king of the Pride Lands. Simba should be proud in his dream as King. Simba becomes a loyal and great King like his father. Also has a child of his own with Nala,repeating the story.
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