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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 FACT DOG CONSPIRACY vs DOG REJECTTION INSIDE JOB THE NURSE The whole household of theLindbergh admitted thatthe dog would always barkaround strangers and suddennoises REJECTION INSIDE JOB THE NURSE Mr. Lindbergh supposedly searched the room thoroughly, incidentally, failing to notice the ransom note. It was underworld that wanted the money thus accepting the investigation nothaving any tracesof the child's wherabouts Violet Sharpe, Lindberghsmaid was evasive during police interrogation. Shecommitted suicide before the police could question her again Betty Gow, the nurse,had her boyfriend, anillegal Norwegian immigrantcome over to the house earlier thatnight NURSERY Mr. Lindbergh aftercalmly leading the policeto search and no fingerprintswere found, not even Lindberhsin the areas where he wouldhave touched. Mr. Lindbergh rejected anyhelp from the FBI and tookmatters into his own handswith the help of underworldfigures It was later discoveredthat she had been at aspeakeasy the night of thekidnapping Mac | Early Adopter | Gadgets There is much controversy on the kidnapping of the 20 month-old Lindbergh Jr. Whether it really was a kidnapping or murder NURSERY Police never found anyevidence that the pairwas connected to the crime what so ever The house dog did not bark at all during the kidnapping, so that must mean that it had to be someone from the household,Most likely Mr. Lindbergh himself did it. He hada reputation for crueljokes. This must have beenhis master piece, beingthe crime of the century
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