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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lincoln's Grave Robbers 1875 Ben Boyd is arrested The Logan County Gang Plot Coneys V.S. Cops Steve Sheikin's Nonfiction Text: Loose Info! Go back a space! A New Team(And a roperundercover) The Heist Guilty orInnocent? Caught! What Happenedto the Body? The Rest ofthe Criminals Jack Hughes Terrence Mullen After Ben Boyd was arrested, James "Big Jim" Kenally--a big-time crime boss--put together a team of coneys and body snatchers in order to rob President Lincoln's body out of the grave. Secret Service member Agent Tyrell placed a man on the inside; the man wasa roper (who was a former criminal) named Swegles, and he went undercover and joined the Lincoln-Napper gang. Swegles discovered information, joined the gang, and followed the orders of Agent Tyrell. Soon enough, the group of men, which included Jack Hughes and Terrence Mullen, pulled the heist, but were later caught and appeared on trial, soon found guilty. 1876 1876 1876 1876 1876 1876 1876 1876 1875 "You think, as I did, that there was no human being sofoul as to conceive such a horrible act. But Sir, I am sorry to say that there is."-Agent Patrick Tyrell Back then, counterfeiters were known by the term 'coneys' John English was the reporter at the moment of the heist, and received full details of what happened Many bodies were stolenfrom the graveby scientists inorder to study them This quote describes the fact that people arewilling to do anything to get an outcome thatgoes their way--even if it means you'd havedo something as sick as stealing a humanbody.
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