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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Limits Of Programming Paradigms Object Oriented Event Driven Procedural So What Is A Program Computers are not very clever they can basically only say yes or no ( 1 or 0) this is called binary.a program is a fixed set of instructions that the computer will process. this is then converted into binary or ASCII. The program will tell the processor what to do, the better the processor the more information it will be able to handle. as binary takes a lot of time to learn most languages these days are written in "High Level Languages" which make the code much easier to understand. Object Oreinted This is the most common approach to solving programs, it involves splitting the code down into smaller chucks. This makes iteasier to try and debug.One of the largest problems of procedural programs are they they can be so huge sometimes times they havea good chance of being modified and debugged so many time can can lose a logical flow, this makes it a lot harder to read. This is one of the main reasons that Object oriented programming was introduced.The type of program/application made with this paradigm would be along the lines of a scientific calculation. Event Driven One limit that many people find with EDP is the fact that many people find it to complex for simple applications.Also the flow of the code is usually less than would it would of been if you were using something a paradigm like Procedural this can make it harder to read especially if your a beginner of prefer a logical flow to your code. as it is a complex paradigm i can take a long time to master.As it is so complex it is only relly useful it you are building a GUI application, as it can be overly complicated it you try and builda non GUI application.Application can vary from anything like a microwave to a thermostat Procedural One major problem with OOP is that a lot of tasks have to be done manuly. Another large problem with OOP is the size of the program, this was more of a problem in the early days of computing as memory was a premium back then although its not to much of a problem today.OOP's require alot of effort many programs spend hours and hours planning out their code and don't event write any for weeksThis is often felt like a waste of time by programmers although it has to be done in order to be able to write a good programIt is a lot slower than than other paradigms like EDP and Procedural, it can require a great deal of work to produce minimalresultsSome types of programs written in OOP include games and android applications
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