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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 why do animals change colors? ABC bears are brown bearsthat live on Alaska. Studies of their DNA show that they ate related more to polar bears than they are to brown bears.To get a closer look at it, they did a DNA analysis to look way back in the past.ABC beats are so similar to polar bears because this they use to be.During that last ice age, some if the polar bears got cut off from the rest. Brown bears started mating with these polar bears which slowly changed their fir brown, but they kept more polar bear rather than brown bear genes. In the 19th centuries peppered moths, in England, were light in color with black spots. This had great camouflage in birch trees. It was rare to see a dark colored peppered moth. The austral revolution was in England. They started to build lots of factories. These factories produced produced goods for people. Unfortunately, these factories also produced soot. The smoke killed lichens growing on trees and blackened the bark. Normally, the lighter moths were camouflaged. But with the new environment the light moths got eaten more than the dark peppered moths. Now the dark peppered moths are better camouflaged. Leaving the majority of the peppered moths dark. And the peppered moths evolved. Chameleons change color by adjusting a special layer of cells that are in there their skin. These cells are called iridophore cells. Inside the cells there are nanocrystals. The nanocrystals are the key to changing color.When the chameleon is relaxed, the nanocrystals bunch up together which makes them green. When they get excited, scared, or angry the nanocrystals spread out making them turn red of yellow. Depending how close or far apart the are changes on the color and shade of them. There mood changed their color. When chameleons are babies the cant change colors so they are just brow and badge.Adult females are brown and badge.They can change colors but if they do it would be very very light. Adult males can be bright and bold colors. This does not mean that females are ugly, it just means that they are not as vibrant.
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