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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Life in the Trenches Life in the Trenches During World War I During World War I Rest Time: Rest Time: - Writing letters to their loved one- Eating unpleasant food- Playing cards with buddies Morning Hate and Breakfast Morning Hate and Breakfast Woke up and fired to their enemy before eat the breakfast. (Life on the Front Line, n.d.) (How did so many soldiers survive the trenches, n.d.) Chores: - Clean weapons- Refill sandbags- Fix barbed wire- Repair collapsed trench walls-Empty the latrines (toilets) (Life on the Front Line, n.d.) The rifle and haversack: The rifle and haversack: Important parts of soldier's personal kits. (Life on the Front Line, n.d.) Take Turns: Be alert for any warning of attacks.Could receive the death sentence orimprisonment if caught sleepingat the post! (Life on the Front Line, n.d.) Sandbags: Sandbags: - Stuffed by mud and earth- Often needed to rearrange after damage from the enemy (Life on the Front Line, n.d.) Martin Brown. (n.d). Terrible Trenches. Retrieved from The body illness that was caused by body lice Trench Fever: (Animals during the war, 2014) Trench Mouth: The disease of gums first appear in WWI (Trench Mouth, 2014) Trench Foot: Many soldiers receivedamputation because of the infection which was caused by standing in cold, wet, dirty environments. (Simkin, 2014) [Untitled graph of trench fighting soldiers]. Retrieved from - Stole soldiers' precious food- Could grow as big as cat!- Spread diseases- Chew soldiers' clothes (Animals during the war, 2014) In this trench environment,a pair of rats could produceabout 900 babies per year. (Life in the Trenches, n.d.) Often roaming around the no man's land and gnawing the dead bodies of soldiers. (Holbrook, 2011) [Untitled photograph of rat]. Retrieved from Rats: Resources: Animals during the war. (2014, January 19). BCC News. Retrieved from, A. (2011, November 11). Rats and the Trenches of WWI. debugged: The Rentokil Blog UK. Retrieved from did so many soldiers survive the trenches?. (n.d.). BCC News. Retrieved from in the Trenches | WW1 Facts. (n.d.). WW1 Facts. Retrieved from on the front line. (2014, October 31). BCC News. Retrieved from, J. (2014, August 1). Trench Foot. Spartacus Educational. Retrieved from mouth. (2014, February 25). Medline Plus: Trusted Health Information for You. Retrieved from
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