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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 A pair of rats can produce 880 offspring in a year.(PBS, 2014) FACTS OF LIFE What was life like in the trenches during WW1? Loss of territories - productive land,industries and raw resources 3. 2. WWII totaled 22,858,800battle deaths; only 55.67%of the 37,466,904 battle deaths in WWI.(PBS, 2014) (National WWIIMuseum, 2014) = 7,500 casualties Trench Foot Deaths for America &Britian WWII WWI A horrifying life awaits you in the trenches: Nutrition Smell 1. Sound Soldiers had to takewater from any holein the ground they could find.(PBS, 2014) DISEASE AND DEATH Rats would feed onthe decaying corpsesduring the night. All men experiencedhearing loss.One shell is deafening,and there were thousands.Shots were felt ratherthan heard. Soldiers would gasthe rats in the trench.(Bergen, 2014) LifeDiseaseand Death 1/3 of death is from Spanish Flu References The trenches reeked ofcorpses, rotting flesh,stagnant mud, andpoison gas. (Atenstaedt, 2006) Lice was a daily struggle thatthe soldiers had to deal with.Men tried to shave their heads,but the lice was on their clothing Red- GermanyBlue- RussiaGrey- Great BritainYellow- USAGreen- Austria Soldiers Killed men from Germany,France, and Great Britain lost their lives due to being 91,198 gassed. 30 different typesof gasses were used (Random History, 2012) (Traynor, 2014) (Duffy, 2009) (Duffy, 2009) Atenstaedt, R. (2006). Trench foot: the medical response in the first World War 1914-18. Retrieved from, L. v. (2014). Conditions in the trenches. Retrieved from Medical aspects of the First World War:, M. (2009, August 22). Life in the Trenches. Retrieved from First World War: WWII Museum. (2014). By the Numbers: World-Wide Deaths. Retrieved from National WWII Museum: (2014). The Trenches: Symbol of the Stalemate. Retrieved from The Great War: History. (2012, June 3). 75 Interesting Facts about World War 1. Retrieved from Random Facts:, R. (2014, April 1). Hearing Loss in the Trenches of World War I. Retrieved from Hearing International: Andrew Jagger and Matthew Kennedy 1,700,000 1,700,000 1,200,000 908,000 126,000
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