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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 start from scratch[clears the canvas] ANALYSIS Continutation Focal Point Grouping - the main focal point is the man- he is positioned higher on the composition than the woman- he is placed at the point where the lines of the street converge- he is the dominant figure - the man & woman are grouped together- shows their unity- holding hands, comforting each other- the man seems to lead the woman down the pathway- implies he is the strong person in the relationship Figure-Ground Contrast Color - Orange (demanding of attention):the orange color of the fire's flames shows itsseverity and the seriousness of the situation CAROL GUZY - Brown (endurance & home):Haiti will always be the couple's home & they aredetermined to overcome their unfortunatecircumstance & remain close to their home An earthquake of magnitude7.0 struck Haiti on January 12,2010, killing several hundredthousand people and devastatingother a million others.Photographer Carol Guzy capturedthe tragedy at struck this Third Worldcountry. This photo was publishedin the Washington Post onJanuary 19, 2010. FACTS CLAIM TRAGEDY230,000-316,000 estimated death toll300,000 injured1.5 million people displacedAID1,000+ Haitian orphans adopted in U.S.$450 million relief donation by USAID/OFDA Carol Guzy is attempting to convey that hope canbe found in a terrible situation. She tries to openpeople's eyes to the tragedy that occurs in othercountries. Although everything may seem perfectlyfine in one's immediate surroundings, there isunrest, poverty, and tragedy in the world that wecall home. She reminds people to take a note fromthe couple in the picture and remain optimistic inwhatever circumstances they are facing. MAP "Guzy, Carol." Encyclopedia of World Biography. 2005. 7 Dec. 2014."Haiti Earthquake Fast Facts." CNN. Cable News Network, 28 Feb. 2014. Web. 07 Dec. 2014."The Pulitzer Prizes | Works." The Pulitzer Prizes | Works. N.p., n.d. Web 07 Dec. 2014 - the street on which the couple walksappears to have no end- shows that there is a future for thecouple; however, it is uncertain becauseit is hazy- the smoke presents itself as a barrierfor the couple to overcome in order tomove forward in their lives- this is coincides with the rest of thepeople of Haiti - Yellow (optimism & hope):the sunlight shining through the smoke is yellow,signifying there is hope for the couple, & hope forHaiti to recover "Life Amid the Ruins" by Carol Guzy "Life Amid the Ruins" by Carol Guzy Earthquake severity zones from theepicenter near the city of Leogane - the couple's calm demeanorcontrasts with the chaossurrounding them- since the figure is the couple,their ease & optimismovercomes the destruction inthe background- the man & woman are well-dressed and put together- makes them out of place amidthe ravages Carol Guzy was raised by her widowed mother, who taught her "tolook into people's eyes and see their souls, not their surface." Guzyoriginally pursued a career in nursing, instilling within her compassion& empathy for others. Upon discovering her calling in photography,Guzy dropped out of nursing school. Throughout the 1990's and 2000's,Guzy became famous for covering breaking news stories, such asSomalia's civil war, Hurricane Andrew, and the Soviet Union's struggleswith communism. In 2011, Carol Guzy took home the Pulitzer Prize forher photographs of Haiti's tragic earthquake. WORKS CITED
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