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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Business & Employment Authenticity- user login to use computers. ATM-receive money where ever you want Computers-store data & programs electronally Digital divide & equality of access- not everyone has access to computers Authenticity-pin stolen, $ jack Surveillance-monitor system if someone try steal $ Education & Training e-books-electronic books schools-provide education to students. Digital divide& equality of access-not everyone has access to e-books. Intellectual property-copying someones work. Environment Policies-appropriate use of classroom setting. Solor Panels- absorb sun's ray for generation electricity/heating Reliability & Integrity- keep panels working for home to run. Health Forecasting natural events - predict natural events Security- make sure no one steals it Reliability & Intergrity - Rely on accuracy of data on school system Patient monitoring - programs/softwareto monitor safety of patient Reliability & Integrity - have safe data & information with accuracy Policies - have appropriate use of IT use Surveillance - monitor patients for safety Prosthetic devices - artificial substitute of a body part Security - protection of unauthorized access Intellectual property - discovering a natural disaster is to come Reliability & Integrity - accurate information you need to rely on for predictions. Home & Leisure Digital divide & equality of access -everyone doesn't have access to this device Privacy & Anonymity - when/how information is share online Authenticity - user login information Surveillance - monitor home Security - free from danger Facebook- social media and information sharing Polities & Government Online Police Records- records of crimes online Tourist Information - data for tourists Reliability & Integrity - rely on updated data Digital divide & equality of access - everyone doesn't have access to the information Authenticity - only police has access to accounts Globalization & Cultural Diversity - people can get information global. Environment Changes
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