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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Love of Reading Curriculum-Embedded Research Namaste Library 2014-2015 T1 Report Needs Community Read Aloud16 staff members, 2 parents, 1 8th grader and 1 friend of Namaste participated as Community Readers. Their enthusiasm for reading is contagious, but so are the K-2 students excitement and engagement. Book Fair5th Book Fair held. Total Sales: $4628.50Our efforts raised $1060 for the library! And increased the number of texts students have in their homes! Battle of the BooksTen 7th and 8th graders meet weekly and read continually Book Checkout: every 1st - 8th grade student has a scheduled book checkout time4,143 book circulated in T1 compared to 3,139 in T1 2013 - a 22% increase! Collaborative projects3M: trading posts in early Chicago, 5 weeks6th SS: current agricultural issues, 1 week8th SS: Democratic Republic of Congo, 2 weeks human rights leaders, 4 weeks Research ModelStripling Model chosen as schools model alongside administrators in August Before School libraryInaugural program for daily study, reading, and book checkout for MS students and families 3,692 books shelved overdue notice process consistently completed 3X per trimester: 1,831 notices given first inventory ever (153 lost and missing books withdrawn from collection) 326 books ordered and added to collection (mostly MS books), 197 added in 2013 T1 Looking Forward Literacy NightOne Book, One Namaste.Health and wellness websites on wikiPhotos and displaysStudent and outside community member readers for Community Read AloudCollaborative projects on water (3rd), Cultural Revolution (6th), Social Issues (8th) Needs 2 tall bookshelves to house growing MS Fiction CollectionMS books and beginning readersComputer compatible with SOAR (currently working, but unsupported by Java)Updated and overhauled iPadsTraining on chromebooksTechnology plan to know what is available and when for use in classrooms and how students can use computers and gmail accounts and google drive Library wikiprovides links to digital library resources including research project pages (record month: October, 572 visits) Behind the Scenes
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