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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Libertarian Issue Abortion Immigration Labeling of GMOS CommonCore Execution Importance of issue What should it look like? Biblical Perspective Democratic Stance Republican Stance Libertarian Stance the life of an infant and the rights to one'sown body has heated this issue Used only when mother's life is in danger The Bible speaks about God knowing a person from the womb, making it lean more pro-life. (Exodus 21:22-25)(Psalm 139) Believes that a woman has a right to end the fetus during firsttrimester Believes a baby to be human and to kill him/heris a crime Believes that the government should have no power over such matters Due to the rise of illegal immigrants, many believethat they should notreceive the same benefits as normal citizens when theyregister. Make the immigration process more accessible and cheaper. Make it easier for immigrants to pay off. The Jews were immigrantsand God was not opposed to peoplemoving from country to country Wants to furthersecure the border but wants to assist the illegalimmigrants in the paperwork Believes that the benefits of illegal immigrants shouldbe less than the benefits of legal immigrants Believes that the laws should be revised and the current ones have no effect People want know exactly what they'reeating and this allows them that right Have the foods that are altered be labeled so Our bodies aretemples of God and we should know what we are putting in it Majority of the congressopposes it Same it true for GOP Believe that such matters should not be handled by government It is known that USA's education system one of the worst in the world.This, claimed by politicians, will solve this problem States should choose whetherto implement this or not. They should be able to modify this curriculum in any way they see fit. The Bible expresses education as ofhigh importance. Proverbs 1 stressesthe value of learning. The Democratic Party encouraged the statesto implement this into their system Does not believethat the Federal government has power over the education systems Does not believeCommon Core issuccessful. Parentsshould be allowed to step up as this is more successful. Many death row inmates have beenfound innocent, causing many to question the government's judgment. Have rehab centersto help the convictsthrough therapy. John 8:1-11 speaks of a woman who was to be stoned, yet Jesus saves herthrough mercy Believe that the death penalty should still be in effectand only used when DNA testing proves the convict guilty. They believe that death penalty will reduce crime. Believe that the government is toocorrupt and inept to risk innocent lives on a death sentence
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