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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Active and Creative Thinking Writing Ability Ability to Cope with Complexity And's so much more than that. "What were hearing from employers is that they need a work force thatsbroadly prepared." "much of the perceived lack of jobsin todays economy rests on a skills gapin the current workforce, especially in theso-called soft skills of critical thinking andproblem solving" soon the Master of Fine Arts will become a much sought-after business degree because of the desperate need for creativity and ingenuity in business school applicants...Even administrators in technical fields like engineering are now seeking liberal arts majors for graduate programs andattempting to integrate more broad liberal arts curricula into their undergraduate programs. This history paper is killing me... Why do I care about poetry? I won't need it in my job. Do we really need three theology classes? Why does the liberal arts core matter anyway? Why does the liberal arts core matter anyway? double click to change this header text! In most cases, your future boss may not care if you'veread Keats and Aristotle, but St. Thomas's liberal arts basis is vital to developing skills your boss will want. Each of your CORE courses teacheshow to work through issues in writingand thinking without being one-sidedand reducing bias. In short, a diverse backgroundteaches you how to think aboutissues, how to analyze effectivelyif and when a problem arises. Effective communication, both written and oral, is vital for being wellunderstood and received by peers, bosses, and subordinates. Perhaps the most valuable skill gained in the liberal artsis that fact that it's not just about skills. The CORE exposesstudents to new perspectives and ideas to challenge assumptions, allowing for the space to develop personalvalues and a curiosity that will serve one well in any aspect of life, in the workplace and out. Sources: Hiner, A. (2012, January 1). The Viability of the English Major in the Current Economy. Retrieved December 3, 2014, from, L. (2010, October 1). The Ultimate Utility of Nonutility. Retrieved December 3, 2014, from
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