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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 The Entrepreneurial "River" Flow It's starts with an idea! Insight 1: Idea generation - Creativity,ideas and opportunitiescan come from seeing things from a different perspective. through the lens of innovation by Jimmy Liang "Working with a magazine company promoting sustainability efforts, I got excited,but also frustrated at the monthly issues and paper quality in which information was provided. I kept wanting to be able to draw upon this information while I was out living my life." - Morgan Berman, CEO of MilkCrate Reframing thequestion from what to do to live sustainably,to being able to live sustainably, (the "how"), Morgan came up with the idea of an app,which people are draw resources on-demand. The simple process of asking "why" questions provides an incredibly useful tool for expanding the landscape of solutions for a problem. "Why don't we focus on the beggars?" - Muhammad YunusWhy can't I give them money to escape the loan sharks? Insight 2: There are 3 types of personalities:the entrepreneur,the manager,and the technician Mark Zuckerberg - Entrepreneur: Had a vision for Facebook;Sheryl Sandberg - Manager: Turned a profit with ads and managing the biz. ops. Morgan Berman - Entrepreneur: Has a vision for MilkCrate;Jason Cox (CTO) -Technician: "We've been luckyto find Jasonto build the app.Without him, we wouldn't havegotten so far.Finding technical support that does not cost a lot of money has been a real challenge." Insight 4: Selling the Businessinstead of the Product Insight 3: Developinga system that is consistent and replicable Insight 5: Most businesses are not started byEntrepreneurs, but Technicians or ordinary people doing extraordinary things. "We are working with grad studentsat the Wharton to help build our replicable business model by creating a toolkit so we have an instruction manual as we expand into other cities."- Morgan Berman The Compass Fellowship recreates its modelof teaching Freshmanabout social entrepreneurshipthrough modulesthat give practical actions from idea generation to venture pitching.They replicate that among multiple universities, nationwide McDonald's franchisemodel serves as a business-as-a-product because people buy the "instruction manual"of building a successful McDonalds business Looking at MilkCrate, they aren't sellingthe app, but selling the fact that it's a hub and one-stop shop to help people live sustainably and create a space for consumers, businessesand municipalities to interact. Warning: MilkCrate will appear a lot!So what is MilkCrate?MilkCrate is an app that simplifies living more sustainably by making it fun and easy for users to connect with the local, sustainable businesses and resources in their community. Looking at somegreat companies like Microsoft or Apple, Bill Gates and Steve Wozniak were just peoplewho were interested in tinkering and building. Similarly for Morgan, the tool was built for a project, but turning it into a business required taking up the Entrepreneur role "When it came time to design a project that had a meaningful impact, I designed a tool that tailored to the demographic I fit in, bringing together the municipalities, organizations, business owners, and consumers I knew where a part of the community, but just didnt have a place to come together."
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