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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Sun Exposure Sunburn First Degree-This is the most common type. This is simply the reddening of the skin. It is easiest to see on people with fare skin. This is not very serious and is easily treated.Second Degree- This is slightly more serious. It occurs when the skin goes from a light, reddish pink, to blisters. These blisters are often painful, but are not life threatening.Third Degree- These types of burn are very rare and can be fatal. When these burns do occur, the skin begins to split and almost looks wrinkled because of the extremity of the burn. Skin Cancer Basal Cell Carcinoma This is the most common type of skin cancer.It accounts for almost 90% of skin cancer cases. Fare skin and sun exposure are the main causes for this typeof skin cancer, but weakening of the immune system can alsobe a contributing factor. This type of skin cancer appears on the skinwith an almost "pearly" looking texture. It takes a very long timeto develop fully. Squamous Cell Carcinoma This type of skin cancer effects the squamouscells that cover the epidermal layer. This type of skin cancer mainly caused by extensive sun exposure over an extendedamount of time. This type of cancer is very easy to spotand is usually found in areas of the skin such as tip of the ears, mouth, lips, bald scalp and neck. Most people who acquire this type of cancer have already lost pigmentation, and elasticity of their skin, This type of skin cancer is the most dangerous. When this type of cancer develops, DNA cells beginto mutate which is what causes the tumors. These tumorsare found in the basal layer of the epidermis. Melanoma is caused by occasional, intense series of UV exposure. This diseaseis curable when treated early. Those with family members, who already have melanoma are predisposed, and can acquire it genetically. Maligment Melanoma Tanning Beds Conventional tanning beds work by havingthe person lay down in a box type machine. When turned on, small lamps emit UV Rays that darken the skin creating a cosmetictan. Many manufacturers claim that using the tanning bed is theonly safe way to tan. They say while in the tanning bed you are incontroll. You control the intensity, you control the time you spend and you control your exposure. Many people would disagree and say that indoor tanning is no alternative. Dermatologist push it father to say the only true "safe" way to tan yourself is using self tanning lotions.When you self tan you, "color" the stratum corneum layer. The lotion works withthe dead skin cells creating a darker color.
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