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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 General Ledger The General Ledger is a record of all the transactions that occur on Agresso, with information about income and expenditure, assets and liabilities. In Agresso, it also records the approver of each transaction and the transaction type. Transactions are recorded against the chart of accounts, by Account code and financial period. Departments need to be aware of transactions on the general ledger that are awaiting authorisation; these do not affect funds checking on a component, but they will count as spend against a departments component once they have been approved. Goods Received Note. See Receipting. These are used in Agresso to define where funds have been spent. They record the value that the company has received for that account. Invoices from suppliers are scanned and registered in Agresso, and held in the Agresso document archive. Invoices are one of the three items necessary for a three-way match, which enables payments to proceed. Used in workflow to denote who, in the organisation, requested the transaction to be raised originally. The originator is required to process a transaction rejected by an authoriser. In financial terms, a journal is the process by which any transaction is recorded in the companies financial books. In Agresso a journal is a corrective transaction registered directly against the General Ledger. It is beyond the scope of AP and AR as it directly affects the information held on the General Ledger. Journals are registered to ensure that information held on the General Ledger, at account and date level, accurately reflects the financial position of the Organisation. Used as a level in WBS. A marker of progress toward completion of output. It is a recognizable (measurable) and significant achievement and helps to track progress. G I J M O General Ledger GL GRN Income and Expenditure Account Codes Invoice Journal Milestone Originator The overhead rate arises from the calculation of indirect costs as a percentage of direct costs. It is important as many donors have fixed limits. Overhead Rate Highpoint Agresso Lexicon G, I, J, M, O
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