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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 double click to change this title text! Me; Lexi. I am wearing all black because I am a shadowhunter. That is somethingfrom my favorite book, and not a lot of peoplewould understand. Hats are my thing, I have a huge collection of hats, which hopefully explains the tiny hat on my head. As a kid, I used to always wear ponytails, and they are still my favoritething to put on all my avatars. My dad did it to oneof my avatars when I was 6, a long time ago, so I just follow. The peace sign hands are just because I love to make them. The background, cards? Yes! Cards are my life,I play cribbage every weekend with my dad, and I will play euchre whenever I get the chance. In Pictures(and words) A shadowhunter symbol, angelic rune.It probably looks crazy to you, but itmeans everything to me. City of Bones,(where this rune comes from) was my favorite series. And it still is. That's how I met my BFF.You can see a few of my friends names,Caitlin and Emily. They are both studentsin this class, so I had to include them! I've been friends with them both for as longas I can remember. They are some of thegreatest friends I have. Patch is a characterfrom a book, Hush Hush, another amazingseries that is one of the best. The restis all random stuff. Puppies,reading, and lots of other stuff that you can see from my tagxedo. Doctor, I would loveto be a doctor, it's my dream job. Not a surgeonthough because I don't like blood that much...Genius is an inside joke between Emily and me. It is one of my favorite words, just because I use it so often. Bed Bath and Beyond has its placeon my rune because I've always wanted towork there. For a long time, I wanted my first job to be stocking there. I still do. Smiles, no rhyme or reason, just because being happy is somethingthat I always want and long to be.Music is very important to me, I play thesaxophone and learning to play the violin. Music is something that I listen to whenever I need cheering up, and it helps me wheneverI am down. LEXI MARTIN
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