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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Leviathan Origin Leviathan comes from the Hebrew name Livyatan, meaning "twisted; coiled," and in modernHebrew it simply means "whale." When the Tanakh was translated to Greek, Leviathan wastranslated to mean "dragon." Leviathan was first introduced in the Tanakh, or Old Testament ofthe Bible, however its origins could possibly predate that of the New Testament. Some storiesfrom the 3rd and 2nd millenniums speak of creatures that have similar physical descriptions like that of the leviathan but just have different names. In the Canaanite Baal cycle, Leviathan isthought to be compared to the creature known as Lotan, a seven-headed sea monster. A similarcreature also appears in the Babylonian creation epic in which the god Marduk slays his mother,a sea monster and goddess of creation and chaos. The first mention of the leviathan appears inthe book of Job. From the biblical perspective, the leviathan would have been created on the 5thday of creation.In Jewish culture, the leviathan was also thought to be created on the 5th day of creation. It hasalso been told that God first created a male and female leviathan, but eventually killed the female,for if the leviathans were to procreate the world could not stand before them. Rabbinic literaturealso follows this same line of thought on the origin and creation of the Leviathan. Appearance Leviathan's appearance is described in multiple ways. One description, where leviathan is associated with the ancient Near Eastern mythology, is that of a giant serpent-likecreature with six heads. In the book of Isaiah in the Bible, the leviathan is described as awriggling serpent. In the book of Psalms, it is described as merely a giant sea creature ofthe ocean that God had created. In Job, however, leviathan is described as more of a croc-odile monster to be feared. Its appearance is also described as being associated with theappearance/image of Satan. The most common appearance for the leviathan is that of anylarge sea creature or sea monster. Powers The leviathan is described as having man powers. The first ofthese powers is that of supernatural strength. Its massivesize and weight give them physical strength over nearly every-thing. Some even believe that the leviathan has the power totake on human form. The leviathan's powerful jaws are thoughtto even be a power because it is able to bite through any non-invaluable object. Another power is that it is amphibious. A greatpower that the leviathan has is that of clairvoyance; being ableto see angels, demons, and other supernatural creatures. It is alsoa poisonous creature, secreting venom from its fangs and claws.The leviathan can heal from wounds and is immune to disease.They can reattach severed limbs, including their heads. The levi-athan cannot die from old age and can only be killed by certainsupernatural means. Fears The leviathan has been a creature that hasbrought about fear of water travel, especiallyin times where the advanced technology wehave now was not available, i.e. Columbus andpirates. In some cultures, the leviathan is des-cribed as one of the seven princes of Hell whoguards its gates. In other cultures it is also thedemon of envy, therefore causing fear of one toenvy. Works Cited Scott Poole
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