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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Level I to Level II Teaching Certificate Quick Facts DONATE Expires/Renewed/Lapsed Requirements for Instructional II Certificate Service Time Multiple Areasof Certification Provisional certificates are valid for actualyears of professional service What is it?! 3 years satisfactoryteaching in the state of PA BSSD A Level I certificateis a provisional certificatethat must be converted to a permanent Level II certificate by meeting both educationaland service requirements. PA currently has two levelsof certification. At least 6 semi-annual evaluationsof satisfactory performance onthe Level I certificate in the areafor which the certificate was issued. Attainment of 24 semester credits beyond baccalaureatedegree 24 PDE-approved IUCredits beyond initialbachelor's degreeFour-year degree-granting college/universityDistance learning creditsacceptable Completion of aninduction program Level I certificates are not renewable. An Instructional 1or Educational Specialist Iis valid for a maximum of6 years in PA. If not converted beforethe end of the applicable service period, the certificate becomesINVALID!!! An emergency permitwill not be issuedto a person withan invalid certificate. All instructional areaswill be converted to Level II statussimultaneously. Educational Specialist, Administrative,and Supervisorycertificates issued under 198 regulationsrequire three yearssatisfactory service in each area. Professional experiencemust be in Pennsylvania. Satisfactory service for a minimum of 70 days in a single assignmentin an area for which a Level I certificate is held will becredited toward Level II requirements. Day-to-day substitute servicewill not count toward Level II. Unsatisfactory service is notcredible toward Level II, but it does count against the validity period of the certificate. Service outside of certificationarea does not count towardLevel II.
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