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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Tactic/MetricWhen I feel something startto upset me, or I second guessa decision I make, write it downand rip it up; throw it out.Count how many times I do this.Track how often I need to do it,and decrease this numberas I develop the ability to do itmentally. Letting it Go WHAT IS MY STRENGTH? Future:Stronger ability to make decisions, make connections, believe in myself,and LET GO of the PAST. I will be faster at making decisions and trusting people,and I will not be so wary to take on challenges.My self-efficacy will translate into all areas of my work,but will show most in my leadership ability. Why is it important? I am a strong person. I very rarely let things hold me back from where I need to be. I am a fighter. In the past:I let my past decisions, failures, and hurt hold me back. I did not let go of things easily. This led to poor decision-making, lack of self-efficacy, and trouble being honest with teammates. HBR:Fundamental State of Leadershipcan ONLY be entered by encountering a crisisand choosing to move forward Fast Company:Do You Have the Will to Lead?Leadrship is about making tough decisions,and STICKING to them.Do not feel guilty aboutwhat you "could" have done. Fast Company:Interview with Jeff ImmeltSurviving a failure gives you more self confidenceGrowing as a leader isa MARATHON,not a SPRINT The willingness to interpret and integrate the lessons of hardship is a key characteristic to forward facing people. They get it. And they move on. Go-getters know where they want to go, and it isnt backward.-Fire Starter Sessions I make the choice to move forward.I make the choice to let go.
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