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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Strength/Tactic:Ask one new person a week how they are doing,or to get coffee.It should be someone I do not know well, so that Ifeel uncomfortable initiatingconversation and practiceletting go of judgement,while letting others know I am there. Letting Go of What Others Think WHAT IS MY STRENGTH? Why is it important? I am empathetic; I meet people where they are and always try to understand how they feel. In the past: I was terrified of being judged. I hid my emotions and judgments because they make me seem weak. I lived to do what would make other people happy and stifled my own thoughts in the process.It led to fake relationships and living with walls up to preventany sort of judgment. Future:I will be much more OPEN to possibilities; open to new people who will be open right back to me because I wont come across so bitchy and unapproachable. I will show my flaws when necessary and become a better peer, worker, and friend for it. More people will ask me tolunch and want to be my friend outside of work because my walls will come down a bit. FSS 16:If you don't do it now, when will you?Show doubt. Show anxiety,but just DO IT. TED Talk on being vulnerable;people respond to vulnerabilitybecause everyone has emotions. If you worry about whateveryone else thinks, youcease being genuine. Champion Assignment:Sitting with a new group meansyou don't "fit in" rightaway. It is a fleeting feeling.Everyone has been there.Relax. For fear of not being accepted, we tailor our personality, mince our words, and carve our opinions to fit in. It takes courage to be creative, vocal, and VULNERABLE- and it takes stamina, because if you want the best out of life, life will demand the best out of you- over and over again.-Fire Starter Sessions FC on Natural Leader:Assigning judgment to failureis something only adults do.Think like a kid in terms ofjudging risk and failure.
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