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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Safa Nasir - Letter of Motivation To the respected Selection Committee,I completed my Bachelors in Computer Science and now I am enrolled in Masters ofScience at LUMS, Lahore Pakistan, a respected institute (famous for its Computer ScienceProgram) in Pakistan. During the course of my study I gained valuable exposure to the fieldof Computer Sciences and the way this area of study is shaping the future.For the past 7 months I have been working as a web developer with Ruby on Rails platformfor a SAAS product called ezrentout.My responsibilities also include software qualityassurance. Along with industrial experience, I have extensive research experience. My thesiswork focuses on reducing queuing delays in data center networks. Uppsala offers courses onComputer Networks and Software Engineering and I think my experience with ROR combined withknowledge about data center and its workloads could help in a research project.Along with industrial and research experience, much of my coursework consisted of subjectsrelated to Artificial Intelligence(AI). I have taken up courses in my university like Machine Learning,Computer Vision and Intelligent Computing. Moreover, I have taken many coursera courses likeProbabilistic Graphical Models and Neural Networks for Machine Learning. As part of these coursesI have implemented designs proposed in research papers on Matlab as platform. I have alsoImplemented several algorithms for classification: Fisher Linear Discriminant, Adaboost,K Nearest Neighbours, Parzen Window, K Means, Mean Shift Clustering and EM Algorithm forGaussian Mixture Models. These are the most useful algorithms in AI and I believe knowledge ofthese algorithms and extensive experience in programming will help me in research projects relatedto Artificial Intelligence.I believe that this opportunity will help me immensely in achieving my goal of becoming apublished researcher or take up an industrial research position with giants like Amazon,Google or Facebook.Regards,Safa Nasir
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