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Created with Fabric.js 1.4.5 Lesson 6: Entrepreneurship and Enterprise For Years 9, 10 and 11 Introduction 15 mins See It! Do It! Take Home Message & Homework 5 mins 20 mins 10 mins 5 mins 1. Explain that "jobs for life" are a thing of the past. People who are successful are entrepreneurs of their careers and have an A, B, Z plan.2. The A, B, Z plan - A (a career plan based on strengths), B (an adjusted plan as one learns and develops), Z (the worst case scenario, how to manage that and develop a new plan A).3. Present a role model whose career can be mapped onto the A, B, Z plan or present a personal example. 1. Ask students to interview three adults who are currently working. 2. Ask questions such as: What made them choose the careers they are in? Whathelped them be successful? What advice would they give the student?3. Think about what they learnt from the interviews and how they can apply that in building their career. 1. In groups, ask students to think about how Richard Branson's A, B, Z plan might have looked like at the beginning of his career. 2. Thinking about their own strengths, ask them to individually form an A, B, Z plan for their future education and career. 3. How can they use the tools learnt in the previous sessions to achieve their goals? 1. Ask students to bring their results on the "My Strengths" Assessment. How can their realised strengths help them be successful in their future education/career?2. How can they maximise their unrealised strengths to achieve their goals? What activities can they become involved in to build on these strengths?3. Set themselves 5 specific actions for the next month to build on their strengthsand take stock of their future education/career.
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